The Volvo XC60 ranks high among drivers of luxury SUVs. The exterior features play a part in the model's popularity. Engineers and designers put tremendous effort into crafting the exterior looks. Consider it hard to miss an XC60 in a showroom.

Subtle improvements help a particular vehicle rise above other models on the market. Door handle illumination on the Volvo XC60 reflects subtle standout features. Lighting up door handles makes them easier to see in the dark while adding a decorative trait to the SUV.

An adjustable rain sensor further contributes conveniences to the drive. Weather isn't always pleasant. The built-in sensors help the wipers work most efficiently depending on how hard the rain comes down. Engage the function on the steering lever to use this feature.

Do you want to know for sure why the Volvo XC60 ranks high with owners in Charlotte? Head to our showroom at Volvo Cars Charlotte for a first-hand test drive.



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