Signs of Ignition Trouble

The ignition system in your vehicle is much more than just a battery and a key. The ignition system is similar to the nervous system in your body. It sends pulses to the individual cylinders at precise intervals allowing the fuel and air to combust and power the vehicle. Without this vital spark, your engine is dead in the water.

Diagnosing ignition problems is not always easy, but there are a few key things to look for when you suspect you may be having a problem. The key to a properly functioning ignition system is the battery. A weak battery may not be able to produce the power needed to send a spark when and where it is needed. If your vehicle does not respond when the key is turned, or if the starter turns slowly and the vehicle is difficult to start, you may have a weak battery. If your battery is okay, but the car does not run smoothly or at all, you may have an issue with your spark plugs, dirty and worn plugs may not create a clean and crisp spark needed to fire the engine.

If you think your ignition is going bad, stop by our service center here at Volvo Cars Charlotte in Charlotte, NC for diagnosis and repair.

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