Car Battery Testing Using a Voltmeter

Testing the car battery in your vehicle using a voltmeter is easy if you know how. Before doing any type of work near the car battery, be sure that you wearing some heavy-duty gloves and protective eye-wear.

Don't do any testing around the car battery until the engine and lights are all off.

The voltmeter will have two cables, one is red and the other black, that attach to the car battery terminals.

The car battery has a plus and minus sign on either terminal. The red cable from the voltmeter will connect to the plus side of the battery. The black cable then goes to the minus side of the car battery.

The reading on the voltmeter will be 12.4 or better if the car battery has a strong charge. If it reads 12.2 or less, the battery needs to be tested further.

If the battery shows signs of failing, bring the car to Volvo Cars Charlotte so we can run tests or replace the battery.

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