Shattering Myths About Motor Oil

There's lots of well-meaning advice about motor oil that no longer holds up. For example, back in the 1970s, synthetic oils were new technology. At the time, they could sometimes cause leakage. Today, this is no longer an issue, but many older people are still wary of synthetics.

Another myth about your car's oil is that it must be changed every 3,000 miles, like clockwork. Instead of following that arbitrary guideline, follow the guideline set by your car's manufacturer. Some cars don't need an oil change until they're around the 7,000-mile mark.

Finally, it's not necessary to change the oil just because it's turned black. That means it's removing impurities from the engine, as it's supposed to do. If you're still mystified by your car's motor oil, don't hesitate to have us check it out. Stop by Volvo Cars Charlotte the next time in the local Charlotte, NC. Our technicians are always glad to help.



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