Follow this Guide to Jump Start Another Car Quickly

To quickly get a car jump-started, you'll need to have some jumper cables and some safety glasses. Be sure to bring the front of both cars as close to one another as possible. Turn off the car lights and engine, open the hood and unravel your jumper cables.

Start with the red clamps, one to the positive terminal on your good battery, the other end will go to the positive terminal on the dead battery. The clamp on the black cable now goes to the negative side of the good battery. The remaining black clamp is going to be attached to any exposed metal you can find in the car with battery needing a jump. Start the one car, wait a couple minutes, start the other car.

If you can get your vehicle to Volvo Cars Charlotte, we'll give the charging system a full inspection to determine what the cause of the dead battery could be.



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