Remember that if the car is too close to the other motorists, you can drive on the rim a few feet to get to a safer location to change the flat tire. On a level area, use your lug wrench to slightly loosen all the lugs on the flat tire.

Jack the vehicle up so the tire clears the road, now loosen and remove all the lugs and take the tire off the studs. Place the spare tire on the lugs, then hand-tighten the lugs and use the lug wrench to get the tire snug. Lower the vehicle until the tire touches the ground, then tighten the lugs in a 1, 3, 5, 2, 4 pattern. Place the flat tire, jack, and tools in the truck, get to a service station.

Keep up with the tire rotation appointments at Volvo Cars Charlotte to allow our crew to keep a close eye on the tread wear.



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