When Your Car Starts to Lose Control on Wet Roads

It can be difficult to control your vehicle in wet weather. If you are driving too fast, or you try to brake quickly, you may discover that your car slides on the road. Losing grip on the road is caused by a number of problems, one of the biggest is tires that are worn down and need to be replaced.

Sometimes all you need to do is add air to your tires, and you are safe to drive. Bring your car into our service center at Volvo Cars Charlotte, and we check to see that your tires are in good shape. If you haven't had your tires rotated, we can do that for you as well.

When you are driving under poor road conditions, pay attention. Try to avoid going fast around corners and give yourself enough room, so you don't suddenly slam on your brakes. Defensive driving can help prevent hydroplaning.

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