What Is a Powertrain Warranty vs. a Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty?

Will your warranty cover the repair bill? Understanding the coverage on your vehicle can help you save time when you need to bring your car in. What is the difference between the two warranties?

Powertrain warranties generally cover parts of your vehicle that power the various systems. This includes your engine, transmission, and the related parts. Some powertrain warranties can also include your driveshaft and velocity joints as well.

One category that this warranty doesn’t typically cover are components that are intended to wear out over time. This includes the battery, drive belts, clutch, and fluids. Bumper to bumper warranties cover the same components as the powertrain, along with additional components. Some parts covered include the electronics, audio system, AC, and others. Since the warranty covers more systems, the warranties don’t last as long as powertrain warranties.

If you’re still unsure on what warranty is best for you, we encourage you to visit service center at Volvo Cars Charlotte. We can help you better understand your warranty before you need it.

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