If safety is a big priority for you when you're shopping for a new vehicle, take a look at the Volvo V90. This popular luxury wagon comes with standard features that act as a second pair of eyes. We here at Volvo Cars Charlotte are excited to show you how the V90 can change the way you approach road safety.

The standard Blind Spot Information Sensors can detect the presence of other drivers. It can sense large trucks, sedans, and even motorcycles. The system is also capable of detecting when other vehicles approach the V90 at fast speeds from the rear. To let you know it's not safe to change lanes, the system will produce a visual alert.

The Rear Cross-Traffic Alert system is great for backing out of parking spots in Charlotte. It will let you know when drivers are approaching from up to 98 feet away. The V90 will let you know which direction the other driver is coming from with a message as well as an audible alert from the corresponding speaker.



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