These days, technology and luxury go hand in hand. The new XC40 from Volvo seamlessly integrates the two to provide you with all the comfort and convenience you could ever want. This popular luxury subcompact SUV is available at Volvo Cars Charlotte with two distinct digital systems.

The first is the infotainment center. It features a 9-inch touch screen display. The screen has a unique vertical shape. This design choice increases the screen real estate so that more information can be shown at one time. The infotainment system is packed with features. Drivers in Charlotte can access navigation, phone data, and so much more.

The second display is positioned right in front of the driver's seat. The Digital Driver Display is 12.3 inches in size. It takes the place of traditional gauges. The screen can be personalized to fit your particular needs. You can set it to show performance metrics, speed, multimedia information, and more. Because of its location, you can see all of that information at a glance.



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